• 06/04/2020 0 Comments
    Finding a Plumber in Dublin- Who Should I Pick?

    While Co. Dublin has the highest numbers of plumbers in the country, sometimes being spoiled for choice can be a disadvantage! Despite the variety of Dublin plumbers available, trying to choose a trustworthy, qualified plumber that you know will complete repairs professionally can be difficult. When choosing a plumber for your property, there are a few things to consider. Here, we will tell you what to look out for when choosing a Dublin plumber, and how to recognise a professional amidst what can sometimes feel like a sea of cowboys.

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  • What Causes Burst Pipes? Alliance Ireland
    15/11/2019 0 Comments
    What Causes Burst Pipes? Alliance Ireland

    Burst pipes can cause major flooding and damage problems for homeowners, which is why it is important to know what causes burst pipes and how they can be prevented. Below, we have outlined some of the most common causes of burst pipes, as well as what to do in a situation where your pipes have burst.

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  • 17/10/2019 0 Comments
    Improve Your Energy Efficiency With A Heat Pump – Alliance Ireland

    As homeowners and business owners become more conscious of their energy consumption, many people are looking towards alternative methods of heating for their properties. Amongst the stand-out heating systems are heat pump systems which do not rely on traditional fuels, but still produce enough energy to satisfy the heating needs of a home or business.

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  • Refurbishing Your Bathroom? – Alliance Ireland
    12/09/2019 0 Comments
    Refurbishing Your Bathroom? – Alliance Ireland

    A well designed bathroom is the icing on the cake to any home, which is why many people invest significant time and money into refusbishing their bathroom into a design of their choosing. There are many pitfalls involved with the refurbishment process, which is why it is always recommended you seek the services of an experienced company. We at Alliance Ireland plumbing perform complete, turnkey bathroom refurbishments, creating stunning bathrooms designed to client specifications.

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  • 29/08/2019 0 Comments
    Maintaining Your Oil Boiler – Alliance Ireland

    Oil boilers are popular throughout Irish homes as they are an efficient and relatively cheap way to satisfy all home heating requirements. Generally, oil boilers have a life expectancy of around ten years, although this can vary depending on how well the boiler is maintained. To ensure your oil boiler enjoys a long life operating at optimum efficiency, we recommend adhering to the following oil boiler maintenance tips.

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  • When To Replace Your Gas Boiler – Alliance Ireland
    30/07/2019 0 Comments
    When To Replace Your Gas Boiler – Alliance Ireland

    Although people will often opt to replace boiler parts to save money, there are cases where a gas boiler replacement may actually be the cheaper option. Gas boilers typically have a lifespan of 15-20 years and once they have reached this stage, efficiency will have dropped and some of the boiler parts may have gone out of production. At Alliance Ireland, we have a team of RGI registered tradespeople able to provide a professional, affordable gas boiler replacement service, providing you with a new, energy efficienct model which can handle all of your heating requirements.

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  • 08/07/2019 0 Comments
    Benefits Of Oil To Gas Conversions – Alliance Ireland

    We at Alliance Ireland have found that many homeowners and business owners are seeking to make the move from oil based heating systems to gas based heating systems. This is no coincidence, as there are a myriad of benefits to installing a gas heating system as opposed to an oil heating system. Below we have listed just some of the key benefits our clients have enjoyed thanks to their oil to gas conversion.

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  • 31/05/2019 0 Comments
    Maintaining Your Gas Boiler – Alliance Ireland

    Gas boilers are an integral part of many homes in Ireland, as they are amongst the cheapest, cleanest and most efficient means of heating a home. With Ireland’s unpredictable weather, homeowners are keen to have access to a simple, reliable way to heat their home on demand, which is why regular gas boiler maintenance is important to ensure their home heating system continues to work safely and efficiently.

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  • 17/05/2019 0 Comments
    Power Flushing Guide – Alliance Ireland Plumbing

    Power flushing is a cleansing process which removes sludge, rust and other debris deposits from a central heating system. It is important to cleanse your central heating system as if these deposits are left they can begin to affect the efficiency of your heating system and cause damage. At Alliance Ireland Plumbing, we recommed scheduling a power flushing service at least once every 4-5 years to maintain your heating system, provided no prior warning signals have cropped up.

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  • 25/04/2019 0 Comments
    When To Get Your Boiler Checked – Alliance Ireland Plumbing

    To ensure your gas or oil boiler has a long life and is working to its potential, it is important to ensure your schedule regular servicing, as this allows for any issues to be caught early on before they have the chance to become larger problems.

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